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hardware engineer

Occupation category: hardware

Working city: Shenzhen

Number of recruits: 3 people

Please send your resume to: info@microbt.company ; email naming: name + application position

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the company’s hardware product circuit device selection and schematic design, participate in PCB and structure review;
  2. Responsible for the company’s chip verification and testing, and assist chip designers to debug problems;
  3. Responsible for project prototype debugging and technical guidance for product production debugging and assembly;
  4. Responsible for completing the writing of product electrical characteristics documents;
  5. Assist in after-sales handling of customer site problems;


  1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic information or related majors;
  2. 3 years or more of hardware development experience, solid basic knowledge of electronic technology theory, thermal design experience is preferred;
  3. Ability to use Cadence/Allego, PADS/Logic and other tools to independently perform schematic design and PCB collaboration;
  4. Grasp the knowledge of SI and PI, be familiar with the selection and application of various power devices, master the common interface protocols of hardware, and circuit design;
  5. Ability to independently debug system circuits;
  6. Strong team communication skills, sense of responsibility, self-motivated; good learning ability, able to complete work well under greater pressure, and have an open mind.
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